Protect your account with Two-Step Verification (also known as Two-Factor Authentication).
It is necessary to keep your Bitoff profile safe and secure; with Two-Step Verification, you add an extra layer of security to your account. Also, to withdraw your balance, you need to enable Two-Factor Authentication too.
In case anyone reached your current password, if you have had enabled your two-step verification, no one can misuse your profile account.

You can Enable Two-Step Verification on the security page of your Bitoff profile:

To Enable two-step verification in Bitoff, you also need to use authentication programs, you can use the ways in below:

There are two ways to use Authenticators:

Smartphone's Applications :

Install Google Authenticator application( Android / IOS ) on your smartphone.

Browser's Extension :

Install Authenticator chrome extension if you like to use desktop only.

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