Tracking order is important to every Shopper. Earners are responsible for entering the tracking number of the orders/items which are shipped via UPS, USPS, DHL, or FedEx.
If the order contained more than one tracking code (different items), you need to add all the tracking numbers for all the individual items.

If Amazon ships the order, it might not be possible to track the order by Tracking ID, because Only earners can check the order status in their Amazon account, in this case, earners should put the Package Tracking URL in the tracking number box.

It is so important to add the tracking code. If you fail to do so, shoppers will contact the Bitoff support team, and we will follow up the Earner to add the tracking code.

Pay Attention: In case the Earner didn't respond or hesitated to add tracking code, the order gets cancel on Bitoff, even if the package is on its way! The Earner is responsible for the consequences .

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