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What if no Earner pick up my order?

There are some essential things to know when proceeding to purchase on Bitoff.

There are several reasons why an earner is not eager to accept an order:

Expensive products with high discount percentage
Amazon out of stock products
Long shipping time items
Fail to add extra fees

Earners can pick up any order from the list; so the order needs to be a good fit for Earners. So, it is natural that expensive orders with high discount demands are going to take a while to be accepted.
We suggest a lower discount for items you wish to receive more quickly.

If the product is out of stock on Amazon, you need to change or cancel the order and try again with another order.

Try to pay attention to the date of shipping; Amazon has got some products that may take months to be delivered. As you know, Earners are only paid when an item is arrived and confirmed by the Shopper (unless they are VIP), so it is a matter of time in this case; because Earners like to be paid quickly, usually, shipping’s which take a long time to deliver are less popular among Earners.
So, these kind of orders may take more time to be accepted by an Earner.

Updated on: 21/11/2021

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