Bitcoin is digital money. Its the most famous and regular Cryptocurrency at the moment. It is accessible to worldwide's people.
Bitcoin is a computer science breakthrough that is yet to revolutionize the world. The opportunities and benefits are near limitless to improve humanity and reduce inefficiencies.

But it might not matter if people don't earn or spend Bitcoin. Bitcoin's success depends on mainstream adoption.

Why spend bitcoins instead of my American Express card that pays rewards?

Bitcoin is the next money generation; in some countries, bitcoin trade is more usual. Its benefit is that it's valuable and it doesn't limit the location and countries or language! It's just available on your digital wallet, and you can start using it as cash to buy your essentials. It does not require a bank account or permission from anyone. Instead of a central authority, the bitcoin transaction network consists of computers around the world running open-source software, which operates the protocol for administering bitcoin transactions. Each computer on the Network also maintains a copy of the universal public ledger called the block-chain.

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