what is Bitoff?
Bitoff is a simple solution to spend bitcoin on amazon and save about 30% of your budget, also turning your amazon gift cards into bitcoin in a straightforward circumstance. Bitoff builds its business policy on creating benefits for both who spend bitcoins and those who want to earn bitcoins.
Bitoff strategy is to stay smooth, beneficial, fast, safe, and secure.

How Bitoff works?
Bitoff is a connection between two persons, the one who wants to spend bitcoin on a product via Amazon website and the other person who wants to earn bitcoin. the earner may have an unwanted account balance on his/her amazon wallet or has an amazon gift card and wants to turn it into bitcoin.
Bitoff helps the deal to be done easy, safe, fast, and entirely secure.

Why using Bitoff?
Bitoff is a new way of cryptocurrency exchange. We allow you to receive up to 30% off on spending the bitcoin on Amazon, while turning your cash into bitcoin, or even better, turn your amazon gift cards into bitcoin.
It's a big opportunity for both shoppers and earners to get benefits out of it since it is a platform that allow users to be either a shopper or an earner simultaneously.
Bitoff with high standards of control, make sure that the whole buying and transaction process to go fine. It is entirely legal, safe, easy to use to, and fast.

How to trust Bitoff?
Bitoff transaction is base on escrow payment, the safest and most secure version of financial arrangements, Bitoff protects your bitcoin, it remains with Bitoff, we won't transfer it unless your product is delivered fine.
Bitoff guarantees your bitcoin to stay safe, secure and never wasted.

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