Earners can pick up regular orders from Amazon in Bitoff, but they can upgrade to VIP Membership to benefit from the two features below:

Being able to pick up orders from all online stores in Bitoff
Being able to pick up Fast Release orders from all stores

VIP Earners can excel their pickups by purchasing “All Store's orders” such as eBay, Walmart, BestBuy, etc.
These websites (shown in picture below) are easy to buy from and are the most used websites in the USA.

Bitoff's all store websites

The other point is that VIP Earners can pick up “Fast Release orders”. By purchasing “Fast Release orders”, VIP Earners will receive the BTC amount after the parcel is shipped, and it is much faster!

By Enabling VIP Membership, Bitoff holds 0.05 BTC or less (based on their levels) of the Earner's balance for security reasons. Learn more

You can see the pledge table in the picture below:
Pledge amount based on level
If an Earner levels up, they can ticket Bitoff support to get the difference pawn back ASAP.

Active VIP Membership
To upgrade your profile to VIP, you need to go to your profile's wallet page and active the VIP Membership just like the picture below:

Active VIP Membership

Earners can cancel VIP membership by ticketing Bitoff support at any time (It takes 30 days to get their pledge amount back). By doing this, they will no longer be a VIP Member.

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