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Why Was My Account Banned?

Account bans on Bitoff can occur for various reasons, such as violating our policies or engaging in fraudulent activities. It's important to maintain a good rating and adhere to the platform's guidelines to avoid any issues.

Please refrain from exchanging contact information with other users, as it is strictly prohibited for safety reasons. We enforce this rule to ensure a secure and positive user experience for everyone on Bitoff.

Other Reasons for Account Suspension:

In addition to the mentioned reasons, there are several other behaviors that we consider as misuse of the Bitoff system. Our goal is to maintain a safe community for all users and prevent any negative impacts, including:

Excessive order cancellations
Failure to provide order IDs or tracking information repeatedly
Frequent cancellations of orders on Amazon
Incomplete purchases or transactions
Abuse of the refund process
Harassment or inappropriate behavior

If you believe that your account has been suspended in error, please reach out to the Bitoff support team for assistance.

Updated on: 15/05/2023

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