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Escrow payments and how does Bitoff Escrow work?

Typically, an escrow payment involves a third party holding and regulating the payment of funds necessary for two parties involved in a particular transaction. By keeping the amount in a secure account, which is only released after all terms of the agreement have been met, it helps make transactions more secure.

Bitoff uses escrow payment to allows more secure and confident transactions for both shoppers and earners.

Steps in the Bitoff Escrow payment process:

The Shopper searches on Bitoff or fills out the forms to add items to their basket from Amazon or eBay or many other online stores
The shopper can choose whether to pay with Bitcoin or Tether at checkout
Earners can also choose to pick up orders in BTC or USDT
The Shopper receives the package in person and confirms delivery
Bitoff transfers bitcoin/tether to Earner's wallet

Now the transaction is complete - safely and securely!

Updated on: 17/05/2023

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