Earners fulfill the Shopper's order on Amazon or (other available online stores) and gain the product's bitcoin/tether (USDT) value instead, that's why they are called Earner on the Bitoff platform.

In other words, Earners are the ones who liquidate gift cards into tether (USDT) or bitcoin.

Shoppers demand a discount on their Bitoff's order. If shoppers choose a 30% discount on an item which is 100 dollars, it means they will pay a bitcoin/tether (USDT) amount for the 70% left, which is 70 dollars, as an Earner, you need to pay the full cost on Amazon which is 100 dollars and receive the 70% of the bitcoin/tether (USDT) equivalence. To understand it better read Applied BTC Rate

When an earner accepts an order, a question might come into your mind:

Why should someone do that?

To pay the basket card fully and receive bitcoin/tether (USDT) for at least 70%, or at most 99% of their cash value?

It's simple:
To use their unwanted Amazon wallet's balance
To spend their Amazon gift cards
To Earn Bitcoin /tether (USDT)

Everyone seeking to earn Bitcoin knows that you need to buy the bitcoin and pay the tax or mine the bitcoin, but both ways have extra additional expense!

Earning Bitcoin on Bitoff is a more accessible way than mining or buying bitcoins, also it is tax free. It is a more straightforward way, that's why Earners choose the Bitoff platform to earn bitcoin/tether (USDT) or liquidate their gift cards into it.

So, Enjoy trading!

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