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Who is the Earner?

Earners fulfill Shoppers' orders on Amazon, Ebay and other available online stores and gain bitcoin/tether (USDT) value instead, that's why they're called Earners on Bitoff.
Gift cards or unused balances at Amazon, eBay, and other online stores are converted into tether (USDT) or bitcoin by earners.

Shoppers demand a discount on their Bitoff order. For example, if shoppers choose a 30% discount on an item which is 100 dollars, it means they will pay a bitcoin/tether (USDT) amount for the 70% left, which is 70 dollars. As an Earner, you need to pay the full cost on Amazon which is 100 dollars and receive 70% of the bitcoin/tether (USDT) understand it better, read the Applied BTC Rate

What are the benefits of doing that?
It's simple:
Using their unwanted wallet balances in Amazon, Ebay, and other online stores and converting them to bitcoin or tether.
To spend their Amazon gift cards, eBay gift cards, and gift cards from other online stores and convert them to bitcoin or tether
Without KYC, earn Bitcoin/Tether (USDT)
Earning Bitcoin/Tether (USDT) is tax-free
Get discount gift cards from people who don't need their gift cards and use them in Bitoff to earn money.

Updated on: 17/05/2023

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