The only way you can use your gift cards is to spend it. Unlike Starbucks, Gap, and more than 2,500 other retailers, most websites (specially Amazon) doesn't include the ability to transfer the balance of a particular gift-card, it's all or nothing. The exclusion of this feature prevents gift cards from being traded on gift card exchanges, leading to the current situation where gift cards are hard to sell.

Bitoff is here to help you to have a profitable deal.

We can help you to liquidate your gift cards into bitcoin or tether if only you can purchase shoppers orders with your gift card as an earner in Bitoff. (How to be an Earner?)
Don't forget to pay attention to the amazon gift cards limitation.

There is no limitation or rules for the earner payment method in Bitoff, so you can choose any payment method you like, but it's way better to make the best out of your gift cards.

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