The Sooner shopper receive their orders and confirms the delivery, the sooner earner can have their bitcoin / tether on their wallet.
By the time that shopper click on the delivery confirmation, Bitoff will transfer the bitcoin or tether into the Earner's wallet.

Pay attention: If you have purchased the order's items separately on amazon, and they had different tracking codes, you don't need to wait until the shopper receives all the items.

Bitoff is Item Base. once an item is delivered, you can get its Bitcoin / Tether value.
Please stay in contact with shoppers and remind them to confirm the exact item delivery button, once they receive each and every item.

If a shopper receives the orders but won't click on the delivery confirmation button for any reason, Earner can contact Bitoff support team for the follow-up, if the shopper doesn't cooperate, Bitoff support will release the bitcoin into earner's wallet.

Note: Bitcoin transaction needs 3 step of confirmation; therefore, it might take around 20-90 minutes.

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