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How can I create an offer on Trade?

To create a buy or sell offer, follow these steps:

Tap the "Create Offer" button in the header, leading you to the related page.

Select the preferred payment method from the list. Use the search bar to find it quickly.
Choose the fiat currency, keeping in mind that the currency selection depends on the chosen payment method.
Specify the desired gain for this offer, ranging between 0 and 60 percent.
Set the price limit, indicating the minimum and maximum amount or a fixed amount.
Define the "Offer Limit Time."
Select your "Offer Tag" or tags, which include your offer conditions.

After adding "Trade Terms & Conditions," tap the "Create Offer" button, leading you to the "My Trade" page.

Wait for your offer to be accepted by other traders (ensure your offer action is enabled).

Updated on: 14/01/2024

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