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What is "Reputation" On Bitoff?

On Bitoff, your reputation shows how good or bad a trader you are. It's like a score that other users can see on your profile. You get this score from the feedback you get after completing trades successfully.

There are two types of feedback:

Positive and negative.
Positive feedback means you did well, while negative means there were issues with the trade. You can check your reputation by logging into your Bitoff account, clicking on your username at the top right, and selecting "My Profile" from the menu that appears. and then you can see them in the "Feedback to me" section.

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Where can I see the reputation of other users?

When looking at the offer list, you can see a user's positive and negative feedback scores.

During create trade, you'll find the positive and negative scores of a user at the sidebar.

Updated on: 09/03/2024

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