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How Do I Start a Dispute on Bitoff?

Within the trade chat, locate and select the Dispute trade option.

After selecting "Dispute trade," a text box will likely appear prompting you to provide a clear explanation of your reason for initiating the dispute. In this text box, articulate the specific issue or problem you've encountered with the trade. Be concise, yet thorough, in explaining the circumstances that led to the dispute.

Once you've composed your explanation, submit it within the text box. This will officially initiate the dispute process on Bitoff.

After the dispute is initiated, Bitoff's support team will review the details provided by both parties involved in the trade. They will work to facilitate a resolution based on the information provided and the platform's policies and guidelines.

Throughout the dispute resolution process, it's essential to maintain clear communication and cooperate with Bitoff's support team as they work to address the issue at hand.

Updated on: 09/03/2024

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