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How can I take a sell offer on Trade?

Tap the “Trade” button in the header or go to the "Trade" page on your profile, where all available trade offers are listed.
Filter trades based on Payment Method, Sell Crypto, Currency type, and the desired price.

Click the Sell currency button (Bitcoin/Tether) associated with the desired trade, expressing your intent to send crypto from your wallet and receive the offered payment method.
Navigate to the trade detail page to view conditions, including offer rate, sell limit, trade time duration, and terms. Check the buyer's trade rate.
Specify the amount of fiat you want to receive, view its crypto equivalent, and tap on “Sell” (ensure your requested amount is not less than the offer maker's minimum).
The trade is initiated; now, wait to pay the trade by the offer maker. Communicate with your partner and follow the instructions.
Once your partner completes their part, tap “Send Crypto” to release the trade, completing the transaction.
Alternatively, you can tap “Dispute Trade” to voice concerns about the related trade.
View the completed trade, including the amount sent in the transaction. Submit feedback about your partner's performance to assist other traders in making informed choices.

Updated on: 14/01/2024

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