Go to the Earn Bitcoin page on your profile.
Order list is there which shows different Shopper’s added before. Those Shoppers need an Earner. You can choose any of them and click “Buy Now”.

A box appears, click on “Accept order”.

You have now 1 hour to purchase, you can also buy separate items on Amazon if they are on the same list.
You can contact the Shopper or Bitoff support team, in case you have a question or a problem.

NOTE: If you do not purchase the order in 1 hour, it gets cancelled automatically, and it is then available for other earners.
You can also cancel your order before purchasing.

Once you click on “Purchase”, Amazon website will be opened.

Click “Continue”, and then proceed to the checkout button.

Don’t forget to use the Shopper’s address.

You can also choose a gift pack with a note for the Shopper. 😊

Now choose the shipping date and time on Amazon.

If you are a prime member of Amazon, you can send the items more quickly.

You can pay with your gift cards or with any other payment method.

NOTE: You are not allowed to buy specific products with gift cards, Learn more.

Congratulations, you made it!
Please confirm the purchase in the order-list page. Make sure to enter the item's tracking code in the Bitoff order page.

If you are willing to be an active Earner on Bitoff, then it is recommended to move to a prime account on Amazon for better performance on Bitoff.

Contact our support team, if you have any questions/problems.

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