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What is a "Bitoff Wallet" and How Does It Work?

The Wallet is where the balances (BTC / USDT) of both the Shopper and Earner are stored.

The Shopper has the option to charge their wallet to place an order for the Earner, but it is not necessary to deposit BTC/USDT into their account balance to place an order.

Once the order is completed, Bitoff will transfer the corresponding amount of crypto ( BTC / USDT) from the Shopper's wallet to the Earner's wallet. This enables the Earner to utilize the received bitcoin as a Shopper for future orders or withdraw it to an external wallet.

Bitoff's secure escrow system protects customer's funds. This balance deposit stays in the user's wallet; they can both spend or withdraw it anytime.

Updated on: 15/05/2023

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