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What to do if a Product is No Longer Available on Amazon?

In the event that the product is no longer available on the Amazon website, Bitoff provides solutions for both Shoppers and Earners:

As a Shopper, you can search for the same product from other sellers on Amazon. If the product is not available, you may need to wait until it becomes available again.

If you are an Earner and the product is no longer available, you should inform the Shopper. In some cases, the same product may be available from other Amazon sellers. You can contact the Bitoff support team to update the product's URL. If this is not a viable solution, the order will be placed on hold for two days to allow time for the item to become available again.

Finally, If it does not become available, the order can be canceled on Bitoff.

Updated on: 15/05/2023

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