For a better trade experience in Bitoff, we provide a limitation for both Shoppers and Earners, so they have an equal chance to trade.
It means that Shoppers cannot have all the orders on earn-list, and no earner can purchase all of the orders.

Shoppers’ Limitation:

Shoppers have limitations in choosing the percentage of the discounts and the number of concurrent orders.
Shoppers with higher feedback scores can have maximum simultaneous orders with “waiting for Earner” status. Once an order gets accepted by an Earner and changes into “processing order status”, Shoppers can add more requests. check the picture below:

Earners’ Limitation:

Earners also have a limitation in the order's count to purchase simultaneously. check the picture below:

The limitation expands by proper usage, It is essential to gain a good Feedback from your Shopper/Earner.

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