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Why we recommend using the Wishlist button?

To purchase the orders, you can click on either of two buttons. To avoid facing any issues, we set the blue button as the default since there is a chance to hit some issues while purchasing an order as a gift on Amazon with the other button.

If you use the button: Purchase Item, one of two issues might occur:
Missing items on the purchase order list
Unable to see the shopper's address in the checkout

If you ever found that the purchase item link is not working properly, you can go on with the default blue button: check the Wishlist

After that, you'll see the order list, check all items with the requested quantities, and then add them to the card:

Step One

before adding to the cart and proceeding with the order, Double-check the requested quantities on your basket card:

step two

Purchase the order as a gift:

step three

Heads Up:

To avoid any processing delay, make sure about the checklist below before Checking out:

Have the correct number of items in the basket card
List the exact requested quantities of the items
Enter the Shopper's shipping address info
Purchase the order as a gift (to enable Bitoff and The shopper to track the order)

be careful while using this method since there might be a high risk of leading to further errors if the Earner mistakenly chooses the wrong address or incorrect item quantities.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the Bitoff Support team.

Updated on: 14/01/2024

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