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What is the difference between "Tax" and "Extra Tax & Shipping"?

In Bitoff, we calculate the fee based on the area of the order's destination. This fee, labeled as "Tax" is displayed in the top right corner of the checkout page, as depicted in the image.
It's important to note that the tax rate is determined by the government and cannot be altered by Bitoff, Amazon, or any other stores. This rate varies depending on the city and the order cost.

Extra Tax & Shipping:
It's an Additional Shipping Fees or Taxes. Sometimes Amazon receives some extra shipment costs or taxes for the delivery to different states. There is a possibility that some fees may not be included automatically. In such cases, please make sure to manually add the extra amount in the "Extra Tax & Shipping" box during checkout.

For example, the item shows $175.00, but an extra 4.49 dollars is needed for the shipping cost. Usually they are included on your order list on Bitoff, but if it wasn't, you need to add it.

In case you don't enter the Extra Tax & Shipping amount, Earners may not accept or purchase your order. Earners usually don't pay the additional shipping costs if it hasn't been calculated already on the order list, especially when the item is large with an expensive shipping cost.

Please be aware that the tax for your order is calculated and displayed under "Tax." If your order includes not only tax but also additional fees, please ensure to place them in the "Extra Tax & Shipping" section during checkout.

In case your product has additional fees but you missed to enter the amount on the Extra Tax & Shipping box, Earners may fail to fulfill your order.

It's easy to tell if an item requires additional shipping costs or not, by adding the item to your Amazon's basket card you can figure out the shipping cost and taxes fees before submitting your order on Bitoff.

Updated on: 14/01/2024

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