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When should I confirm the delivery? Why?

Confirm the Delivery , Whenever you received your items physically.
Since Bitoff platform is Item based , we recommend you to confirm each individual item(s) as they are arrive.

If your package and items are RECEIVED OK, please confirm as soon as you can, so that Earner will receive their payment without any delay.

But if it isn't OK, for example: the package is wrong with a different item, you should let the Earner know about the situation. To make sure that Earner has submitted correct or an incorrect product, ask them for a screenshot; if it was The Earner's mistake, contact Bitoff Support Team and don't confirm the delivery till then.

If the item is broken or was incorrectly sent by Amazon, Shoppers can request for return and refund on Amazon, You need to return the package through the amazon customer support steps,and the Shopper should confirm the delivery in Bitoff.

For more help, contact Bitoff Support Team.

Updated on: 21/11/2021

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