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Are shoppers also able to withdraw money?

Yes. Shoppers can withdraw bitcoin or tether(USDT) unless they have some orders in process; in this case, they can only withdraw the amount which is not in use. For example, if they have three Processing Orders with 0.03 bitcoin value, they can't draw this amount unless they have extra BTC on their wallet balance; the order's BTC value (e.g.0.03) shall remain in their wallet.

Yes, as a Shopper, you can withdraw bitcoin or tether (USDT) from your Bitoff wallet.
However, if you have any orders in process, you can only withdraw the amount that is not being used for those orders.
For instance, if you have three processing orders with a total value of 0.03 BTC, you cannot withdraw this amount unless you have additional BTC in your wallet balance.
The BTC value of your processing orders, such as 0.03, will remain in your wallet until those orders are completed.

Updated on: 15/05/2023

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