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What should I do if my Bitoff order is canceled but the item is already delivered by Amazon?

In some cases, the Earner may fail to enter the tracking code and not respond to the Shopper or Bitoff support team, resulting in the order being canceled on Bitoff but delivered by Amazon. Here's what you should do:

If you're the Shopper and you may want to transfer the Bitcoin/Tether to the Earner, inform both the Bitoff support team and the Earner about the situation.

If you're the Earner, the Shopper may or may not transfer the Bitcoin/Tether to your wallet since the order was canceled due to your failure in adding the tracking ID and respond to follow-ups. However, you can still ask the Shopper for this favor.

Remember to be more attentive in the future and promptly respond to any communication from the Bitoff support team or the Shopper.

Updated on: 15/05/2023

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