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Creating Orders for Amazon Prime Products on Bitoff

This help article is designed to guide you through the process of placing orders for Prime products on Amazon via Bitoff. It's a simple and straightforward process, and by following these steps, you can make sure that your orders are correctly labeled as Prime and are picked up by eligible earners.

Choose Your Product: Find your desired Amazon Prime product.

Fill In The Order Form: Go to Bitoff's order form here and enter the products details.

Mark the Order as Prime: Check the "Prime" box during Bitoff's checkout if all products are Prime.

your order list: The order is added to your order list with a "Prime" tag.

Earn list Once the order is placed, earners can identify Prime orders in the earn list page by looking for the "**Prime**" tag. Here's an example of how a Prime order looks in the earn list:

In summary, marking your orders as Prime helps eligible earners spot and fulfill them. If you encounter any issues or have questions, reach out to our customer support. Enjoy your shopping experience with Bitoff!

Important Notice: If you use the 'All Store' section and manually add product links for order placement, your full address will be visible to earners. If you prefer to keep your address hidden, please refrain from using this section. Instead, you can place your Amazon product URLs in the search box at the top of the site to place your order. However, please be aware that this method does not support the placement of orders for Prime products.

Updated on: 11/07/2023

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