Bitoff supports the most famous and wanted USA Online-stores

As a Shopper, you can spend bitcoin on all online stores on Bitoff and checked the Fast Release option box. Here is the tutorial on buying from Amazon, and for all other online stores, it works the same:

You can place an order in Bitoff after you have found the product you wish for, with the Bitoff's search toolbar.

You can either search the products on Bitoff or paste the exact Amazon product's URL:

Click on add to cart > check the final price > click on checkout > set the address you want to receive your order in > review and checkout

In the last step (review and check out), you can determine the discount based on your limitation level.
Also you can see if your delivery address includes any tax or not.

Note: Pay attention and moderate the final balance in Bitoff. In case it is not equal to your Amazon amount, you need to add the additional fee manually on the extra-fee.

The last step is to deposit bitcoin into your wallet; you may do this with the QR code on your order list.

You are done! Now you wait for an earner to pick up your order.
You can check your order's status on "MY Order" on your profile:

When the order is received, do not forget to click on confirm the delivery .

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